The Zodiac Sign Of Meena

Meena or better known as Pisces is the 12th sign in the Zodiac. This sign represents 2 fish that are swimming in an opposite direction. The Meena symbol is 2 fish that are joined together by one cord. The Sun remains in Pisces or Meena from the 15 March to the 13 April according to the sidereal Zodiac that is followed by the Vedic Astrologers and from the date of the 20 February to the 20 March according the Tropical Zodiac which is followed by the Western Astrologers. Here we offer you Madam Dayita’s Meenam Rasi for you to enjoy.

The Meena sign is ruled under the planet Neptune and Jupiter and is mutable, feminine sign, watery and governs the lymph glands, toes and feet and is the 12th house in the horoscope. The characteristics of this sign is the need for a complete transcendence of self-sacrifice, material, empathy, strong idealism, spirituality, impracticality, and psychic depth. It also is symbolic of the ultimate ending in regard to self-confinement to personal and material, merging with the ocean, sea as well as the subconscious.

Meena people are self-sufficient and creative people. These individuals have natural abilities to understand complex material. This is possible in the way of âabsorbingâ knowledge opposed to studying it. The minds of Pisces people are very active which is usually to do with their powerful imaginations. They feel and sense things that other people are unaware of and this is the same trait that makes it difficult for other people to lie to a Pisces. This is because they already intuitively know when someone is trying to deceive them. The Pisceans are adaptable, versatile and congenial people. Yet they lack a strong willpower or an approach that is dynamic towards life. This particular insecurity is what causes this sign to look for reassurance from people around them.

Meena are sympathetic, usually gentle, sensitive with a natural reluctance to face confrontations or hurt others. Due to this trait they can be prone to becoming involved in complex emotional situations that they can find very difficult to leave or break. They usually know when someone is using them, but often find it very difficult to leave such a predicament. This complexity stems from that the Pisceans often think with their hearts opposed to their heads, which means they can be âusedâ easily by others. This sign is usually sympathetic towards people that are downtrodden or helpless. They are also usually generous when it comes to spending time to help others. This sign also always feels better when they serve other people in some sort of capacity. One of their greatest needs is to understand and learn about their emotional downs and ups.

Meena like all of the other Zodiac signs contains 3 lunar mansions or Nakshatra, which is 1/3 of Purva Bhadra Nakshatra, entire Revati Nakshatra and entire Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra. The Pisces House in the Natal Chart is an indication that: This where one must have redemption, synthesis and Faith. Faith and intuition is what will guide these people with specific energy patterns.